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How stable is my ZNA® and what storage conditions are recommended?

We recommend to store ZNA®s at –20 °C in TE buffer (pH 7.4). For modified – especially fluorescently labelled-oligonucleotides – please avoid or minimize exposure to light, to avoid any bleaching effect. Also we recommend storing dye-labelled oligos highly concentrated, unless you use the working dilutions within 24 hours. The higher the dilution factor, the faster the fluorescent activity fades away. Therefore, keep highly concentrated aliquots in the freezer, thaw them preferably only once, dilute them just before use. Store the thawn aliquot in the dark. Under these conditions, the ZNA oligos will remain stable for several months. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles must be avoided, as this will denature the oligo and compromise the integrity of any added label. Avoid the use of non-sterile distilled water, since its pH may be as low as 4–5. Heating ZNA® in basic buffers induces spermine cleavage and must be avoided.