Quality Policy

At metabion, we believe that quality is defined by our customers, who do this every day with the products and services they purchase. Customers´ buying decision is based on perceived value. They measure benefits against costs and select the product and experience that provides superior value. Hence, we define Quality as customer perceived value.

Earning customer loyalty by providing products, services, and interaction experiences of the highest quality and greatest value is driving metabion´s business operations and activities at all times. We are dedicated to ensure that our products and services fully meet our customers´ expectations and requirements for top level customer satisfaction. Commitment to implementing and active practicing of supporting business management systems is essential for realizing this goal.

Our Quality Policy is based on 3 fundamental principles:

  1. Ensuring that we fully identify and conform to the needs of our customers.
  2. Looking at our service provision processes, identifying critical steps prone to cause errors, and consequently taking necessary actions to eliminate them for continuous improvement of delivered products and services.
  3. Constituting awareness of what is required to be done and to be in compliance with in order to achieve the maximum possible result. Everybody who is part of the business concern, including suppliers, partners, and contractors, has to be informed and knowledgeable about and held accountable to comply to established quality standards and regulations.

Successful implementation of the policy means, that the metabion team is responsible to identify customer requirements together with our clients. Clear and concise communication with our customers as well as consistent, understandable and trustworthy advise about what is possible and what can be delivered, shall be followed by applying innovative and accurate procedures in order to meet the agreed upon requirements.

Continuous and constant reviews on market requirements and subsequent improvements of our internal procedures for portfolio enhancement are an integral part of our strategy, whose objective is to achieve being recognized as the most reliable and respected partner for our clients, suppliers, contractors and other partners within the framework of our activities.

Completing our tasks in the most cost effective and timely manner without compromising on quality shall be for the benefit of all our customers.

metabion´s management is responsible to ensure, that our highly skilled and motivated team evolves ahead of the foreseen market developments by providing a working environment including advanced training and continuous education programs, that allows to produce top quality results.

metabion´s contribution to the progress of science and public health shall be governed by quality policy principles and objectives which are transparent, known & understood as well as traceable at all times and according to certified standards.

Within this Policy we are committed to operating our company under the disciplines and control of a Quality Management System conforming to the International Standards IS0 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 and to ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and the effectiveness of the implemented Quality Management System.

Furthermore, metabion is committed to establishing and maintaining an effective pharmaceutical Quality Management System in accordance with GMP requirements for the manufacture of APIs and excipients for investigational medicinal products as well as GMP-compliant in vitro diagnostics.