With our vast experience and innovative technologies, processes and methods, the company is a “boutique” and most complete custom oligo provider globally. Best in class supplying high-quality products and services according to the motto “quantity meets quality” and following our vision to be the service provider of premium custom oligonucleotides – dedicated to enhance scientific excellence and to support diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.


And while metabion’s aspiration is to ensure that quality is primary, trust is principle in our relationships and cooperation with customers. We are committed to strict confidentiality and absolute reliability for building and maintaining long-standing and trusted partnerships.

We are committed to enhance scientific excellence.

At the center of the solution: As a leading world-wide supplier of custom oligonucleotides, we are committed to making a significant contribution to the advancement of science and public health.

The highest quality: From our products to our service, adherence to our certified and internationally-recognised quality standards IS0 9001, ISO 13485 and EXCiPACT™ is deeply embedded in our corporate philosophy.

Everything from a single source: As a one-stop shop, all our services are bundled centrally so that we can quickly react to and meet any variety of demands and challenges. Always at your service, we are in constant exchange with both customers and internal parties in order to provide the best possible experience.

Individually and worldwide: Meeting the needs of our customers is our highest goal, while the delivery of your custom products is a matter of priority. We do both at the best possible price - without compromise and reach out to more than 80 countries.


Without fun no creativity, without creativity no innovation, without innovation no progress, without progress no success.
You want success? So do we! So let’s have fun together!

Because we are in this together.

Where to find us: Two locations, one common goal

metabion operates two state-of-the-art manufacturing sites in greater Munich:

Headquarter in Planegg – dedicated to small scale R&D oligos and ds gene fragments (m-blocks), and “home” of Functional QC and Applied R&D. Currently applied and certified standards are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.

Newly built facilities in Kirchheim b. München – dedicated to small scale diagnostic to mid- and large-scale R&D/IVD/therapeutic oligos. Currently applied and certified standards are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and EXCiPACT® GMP/GDP:2021.

io is in metabion.

What’s behind the metabion io story?

If you’ve ever wondered what the global market leader for oligonucleotide components and the cow have in common, here’s the answer: her story, about the path out of chaos, towards stability and happiness, is our ethos. Inspired by Greek mythology, we have adopted the legend of io as both the motif of metabion and the drive behind our company mission.


Once upon a time, Zeus fell in love with io, the daughter of the river god Inachos. Zeus' wife Hera, being very jealous forced her husband to change the beautiful nymph into a cow. Hera sent a troublesome gadfly to chase io throughout the world. Her escape took her across the sea, now known as the Greek Ionian Sea, through the Ionian Ford, now known as Bosporus, all the way to Egypt. At the end of this stressful journey, io had travelled sufficiently far away from Greece to deserve Hera´s mercy and was transformed back into her original form. io finally found happiness and fulfilment.

It's playtime - take a break!

Even world-shaking thinker’s need a short break in between. Although io has already found happiness and fulfilment in mythology, she still needs your help in our "legendary" game. In short: on her travel collecting oligos, she must avoid gadflies to collect points. The persistent gadflies slow her down with each sting. The objective is to collect all the oligos as quickly as possible. Adding an element of competition, the game includes a leaderboard with ranking times. On the oligos, ready, set, go!

working at metabion

Are you quality-driven, team-spirited and motivated to help shape scientific progress? The metabion success story thrives from our creative, innovative and determined employees. Learn more about our team here.


We offer a safe, respectful, flexible and healthy working environment in a thriving, forward-thinking and inspiring company, where every employee can make a difference. Full of freedom for individual development and with a focus on health and well-being.


We are as diverse as the world and its challenges. This makes us all the stronger as a team. In addition to a comprehensive employee training, our open communication and a friendly, appreciative atmosphere are all essential for us to shape the future together through innovation.


Become part of a relevant, responsible and environmentally-conscious company and help shape our world. As a global market leader in a dynamic field, we offer a variety of opportunities to support and advance science and research. Always forward-thinking and sustainable.