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PEBBLE-R qcLAMP Platform


PEBBLE-R qc-LAMP (Cat. No. 000058) is a platform intended for Research Use Only (RUO) and is an “open” compact, portable and affordable device for performing real-time and quantitative colorimetric LAMP.

PEBBLE-R is “open” for the use of reagents of the reseacher’s choice and it is comparable with different colorimetric dyes (phenol red and HNB).

Assays performed by PEBBLE-R show comparable sensitivity and specificity to traditional PCR methods.

PEBBLE-R can be operated after scanning the data matrix code (QR code) which is available to purchase from the metabion WOP.


qcLAMP reactions take place at a constant temperature. A novel way is used for heating inside the reaction chamber. During the amplification, the color change is monitored via a mini digital camera. Color change is expressed as color index units (pixels) on the Y-axis of a real-time curve that is displayed on the screen of a smart device through an Android application developed by BIOPIX-T.

The duration of a measurement is set by the user. The optimum amplification temperature should be experimentally defined by the user. Each user may adjust the final volume according to their protocol. However, it is advisable to use at least 15 μl, to not interfere with the result reading.


The device connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet and operates through an Android based application (PEBBLE-R platform) powered by BIOPIX-T. Data are automatically uploaded and stored in the BIOPIX-T cloud system. The user can automatically send the data to the registered email account or check the history of measurements directly from the smartphone application. PEBBLE-R can be operated only after scanning a QR code provided by metabion which allows the PEBBLE-R to execute a number of individual reactions. When a QR code is completely used, the device will be operative with the purchase of a new QR code from the metabion WOP.


The dimensions of PEBBLE-R are: 18.1cm x 10.7cm x 5.2cm and its weight is <300 gr. The unit operates with low power (5V, 2.4 A).

Pebble-R credits

PEBBLE-R can only be operated after scanning a data matrix code.

The QR codes can be used in combination with a PEBBLE-R qcLAMP Platform with each QR code corresponding to 100 new individual reactions.
The QR codes cannot be used with the diagnostic PEBBLE qcLAMP Platform (Cat. No. 000057).

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