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What kind of documentation do I get with my dsDNA/duplex DNA?

The label on the dsDNA/duplex DNA tube shows basic information like oligo name, name of person who ordered, DLP sequence including modifications, oligo ID, amount of DNA (OD260 and nmol), Tm, and molecular weight.

In addition, you will receive a synthesis report containing more detailed information on the physical-chemical properties of the oligo, such as base composition, base count, purification grade, amount of DNA (OD260 and nmol), Tm and molecular weight. dsDNA/duplex DNAs are HPLC purified by default and you will also get a printout of the preparative chromatogram.

While each and every oligo produced and delivered is characterized by either MALDI- or ESI-ToF before release. Mass-Check documentation/spectra will only be provided if requested at time of order placement. Additional charges may apply.