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What should I dissolve my RNA pellet in, water or buffer?

We recommend to dissolve single stranded RNAs in 1x TE buffer (10 mM TrisCl, pH7.5, 0.1 mM EDTA; prepared under RNase-free conditions). This buffers the pH and chelates metal ions, which may contribute to RNA degradation. RNase-free water is also acceptable.

metabion's RNA oligonucleotides are delivered deprotected and purified – ready to use. They are RNAse free, but as RNA is highly susceptible to degradation by exogenous RNAses introduced during handling, it is essential that you conduct all handling steps under sterile, RNAse free conditions. Never handle RNA without wearing gloves. RNAse free reagents, barrier pipette tips and tubes should be used!

For more information, please read our guidelines.