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Which yield ranges are offered for metabion's RNA oligos - plates?

2 ranges of quantity delivered based on length independent delivered quantities* from 10–50 nmol for oligos from 5–40 nucleotides:

  • ≥ 10 < 25 nmol
  • ≥ 25 < 50 nmol

* Please note that the term “yield range” refers to the final amount of product you will actually receive. Instead, OD260 values are a measure of total nucleotides' optical density. Hence, neither purity nor amount of ordered substance are transparently reflected. For simplification and exemplification reasons look at the following:

1 OD of the DNA 20mer 5´cau cgu auu cga ugc uac gu 3´ translates into approximately 5 nmol;

1 OD of the DNA 40mer 5´cau cgu auu cga ugc uac guc auc gua uuc gau gcu acg u 3´ translates into approximately 2.5 nmol.

Therefore, a 1 OD guaranteed amount of delivered product can vary significantly, while metabion's commitment to delivered oligonucleotides in nmol does not allow for ambiguity in terms of what you expect and pay for, not even for modified oligos!