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5-Me-dC (Figure 1) stands for 5-methyl deoxycytosine. When inserted in an oligonucleotide, 5-Me-dC increases the stability of the resulting duplex by raising the Tm of 1.3 °C per 5-Me-dC residue added. Therefore, 5-Me-dC- modified oligos can hybridize more efficiently to their targets. Use of 5-Me-dC results in:

  • strong-binding PCR primers;
  • reduction of inflammatory response when used in antisense oligos rich in CpG motives;
  • the feasibility of DNA methylation studies.

Figure 1. Structure of 5-Me-dC at the 5'-end (R = sequence).

metabion offers 5-Met-dC in its DNA and RNA portfolio: