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Useful for oligonucleotide labelling for a variety of assays, Desthiobiotin-TEG offers reversible binding with streptavidin, allowing easy dissociation under physiological conditions, unlike the essentially irreversible tight binding of Biotin-TEG. The reason of its reversibility can be found in the absence of the sulfur group in its structure with a dissociation constant (Kd) that is significantly lower than that of the biotin/streptavidin complex.

Additionally, Desthiobiotin-TEG retains compatibility with various applications such as cell-staining and antigen-labeling while minimizing steric hindrance with its TEG spacer for effective capture of Desthiobiotin-labelled oligos onto streptavidin-coated surfaces (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Structure of 5'-Desthiobiotin-TEG (R = sequence).

metabion offers Desthiobiotin-TEG as a 5'-, 3'- or internal modification in its standard DNA portfolio: