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Yakima Yellow®

Due to its spectral properties, Yakima Yellow® (Figure 1) can be a valid alternative to VIC® or Alexa Fluor 532, but it is not compatible with TAMRA. Moreover, this dye presents the advantage of being pH-insensitive.

A few of the applications in which this dye is employed are PCR for fragment analysis, DNA sequencing or FISH, as well as FRET assays and quantitative real-time PCR when used in conjunction with another fluorophore. Furthermore, this dye can be deployed as a hybridization probe in numerous in vivo and in vitro diagnostic and research applications, as well as for studies of the structure and function of DNA and/or RNA.

Figure 1. Structure of 5'-Yakima Yellow® (R = sequence).

metabion offers Yakima Yellow® as a 5'- or 3'-modification in its DNA and RNA portfolio:

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