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dNTPs & NTPs

Our ultrapure dNTPs guarantee highest sensitivity, accuracy and reproducibility; recommended for extremely demanding types of amplification like Real Time PCR, Primer Extension and Long Range PCR (up to 30 kb).


Our nucleotides are provided as 100 mM solutions, with the exception of the “dNTP Mix”, which is provided as a 10 mM solution.

* dUTP instead of dTTP

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We also offer in-vitro Transcription Grade Ultrapure (>99 %) Ribo-Nucleotide Triphosphates.


metabion provides dUTP derivatives for highly efficient incorporation into DNA. Fluorescent or non-fluorescent labeled aminoallyl-dUTPs are recommended for direct labeling of DNA either by Nick Translation using DNA Polymerase I/ DNase I or during PCR using thermostable DNA Polymerases.

Fluorescent Nucleotides

Outstanding stability and quantum yield of the carefully selected fluorophores combined with a high incorporation rate of the dye-dUTP analog make them the ideal choice for all typical DNA labeling applications such as FISH, single molecule detection, microarray gene expression profiling and other nucleic acid hybridization assays.

Non-fluorescent Nucleotides

  • Biotinylated Nucleotides are used for non-fluorescent labeling of nucleic acids in purification and detection applications.
  • Alkynylated DNA can be modified quickly, reliably and at high density using "Click chemistry" (e.g., for FISH, EMSA, etc.) or used directly in various applications, including nanotechnology.

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