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Mid- and large-scale DNA/RNA oligonucleotides

Due to the increasing demand for mid- and large-scale oligonucleotides, metabion has significantly expanded its production capacities over the last three years to cater to market needs.

We have established a second state-of-the-art production site dedicated to manufacture small-, mid- and large-scale oligonucleotide components for in vitro diagnostics (IVD)/analyte-specific reagents (ASRs) oligonucleotides as well as mid- and large-scale oligos for R&D and therapeutic (GMP grade) application including cutting edge synthesis, purification, QC and fill & finish technologies, protocols and procedures.

We are here to provide support and solutions for a seamless transition from research to clinics, and to cater to your scale-up needs for diagnostic oligonucleotides!

Scale and Scope of metabion mid- and large-scale Oligonucleotide Manufacturing for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications

  • GMP & ISO 13485 manufacturing of oligonucleotide-based (pharmaceutical) additives, APIs and diagnostic products.
  • Manufacturing capacities ranging from milligrams to hundreds of grams of applies state-of-the-art technology in oligonucleotide synthesis and downstream processing.
  • Best suited to provide CMO services to Biotech and Pharma clients from early stage lead discovery/optimization to preclinical development and early phase clinical development (phase I to IIa). Not excluding late phase development clinical trials IIb & III as well as drug/excipient manufacturing depending on quantities required.

Scale of GMP production

Scale of IVD primers & probes production

Scope of mid- and large-scale production

  • Design of Experiment (DOE) and process characterization;
  • Process development & process validation;
  • Scale-up & process transfer;
  • Established modification, conjugation and formulation services;
  • Supporting manufacturing requirements for most of the prevalent types of diagnostic and therapeutic oligonucleotides like:
    • CpG oligonucleotides - excipients/adjuvants
    • antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs)
    • siRNAs
    • miRNAs
    • aptamers
    • sgRNA for CRISPR/Cas technology
    • oligonucleotide-peptide/lipid/sugar conjugates
    • primers (modified and unmodified)
    • probes (dlps, dqps, ‚Ķ).

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