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Molecular Weight Markers

PCR products or digested DNA are easily sized on the gel with our ready-to-use DNA Markers "Go".

Our markers are stable at room temperature and delivered for direct use on a gel. The fragments range from 20 bp to 10 kb in determined quantities.

You can download the datasheets by clicking on Cat. No.

How to order

Use our Web Order Portal: Order now


Please send an e-mail to specifying your order as well as your shipping and billing address, and any other information which might be required like PO number, VAT number (foreign country EU countries, beside Germany), etc.

Molecular Weight Markers will be shipped as soon as possible after receiving your confirmed order. If you want to combine shipments of different product categories/orders for cost saving reasons, please indicate.

Our ready-to-use markers are stable at room temperature for up to one week. Therefore, they will be shipped at ambient temperature if ordered separately.

All our products are offered according to our terms & conditions. For in vitro use and research purposes only!