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Nucleic Acids Purification

metabion offers a fine selection of Plasmid Purification Kits as well as Nucleic Acid (NA) extraction systems from gels and PCR reactions, and sets new standards in terms of quality, time and cost efficiency.

Isolation and purification of nucleic acids is one of the most common tasks in molecular biology. The method for isolating and purifying nucleic acids must be selected wisely according to the research application. Type of nucleic acid (ssDNA, dsDNA, total RNA, rRNA, etc.), source (mammalians, lower eukaryotes, plants, prokaryotes, viruses, etc.), type of sample (cultured cells, tissues, blood, etc.), quality (yield, purity, purification time), and specific applications (cloning, PCR, RT-PCR, blotting, transfection, etc.) are all factors to be considered for choosing the respectively suitable extraction systems.

In general, isolation and purification of nucleic acids are performed by first breaking down NAs-carrying cells, inactivating nucleases present in the cell, and finally isolating desired NAs.

*When extracting RNA, it is always advisable to use RNAse Inhibitors, to avoid RNA degradation following RNA extraction. We offer RNAse inhibitors in our Enzyme Section. Click here!

All our products are offered according to our terms & conditions. For in vitro use and research purpose only!

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