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How to order double quenched probes?

The preferred way is order transmission through our Web Order Portal for most convenient online shopping (please refer here for further details).

Alternatively orders can be placed by sending an e-mail at with our pre-formatted excel order file as attachment. Download respective Order Form.

In the section Double Quenched Probes you will find various Reporter-Quencher combinations. Select the one of your choice, e.g. 5´ 6-FAM--abNFQ----3´NFQ or 5´ Cy5—abNFQ-2----3´NFQ-2.

The “nature” of the Quencher (NFQ or NFQ-2) is determined by the Reporter (or its emission spectrum respectively). 

The prefix “ab” for the respective internal NFQ stands for “abasic” indicating, that the Quencher is neither attached to a Purine nor a Pyrimidine nitrogenous base.

Should you miss certain R-Q combinations and/or yield ranges selectable from our standard DQP portfolio, please feel free to send us an inquiry.