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What is the maximum length an MGB probe can be synthesized?

Using our optimized production pipeline, we can deliver MGB probes of over 40 bases. The maximum length of an oligonucleotide depends both on the sequence and on the modifications of interest. For example, consider a probe having a reporter at the 5’-end and a quencher at the 3’-end. The length of the probe can compromise the activity of the quencher, if the distance between reporter and quencher is too high. Therefore, we consider a length of 40 bases as maximum, for an MGB probe to function optimally.

However, you can now go beyond this limit with our ZNA technology! Want to learn more? Click here.

With this technology, the quencher is brought in closer proximity to the dye and its effect is optimized. You only need to take into account that the Tm of the resulting probe will be higher, compared to that of a native (non-ZNA) probe. To get best performance for your experiments, we can help you designing your probe. Please do not hesitate to contact us!