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siHE siRNA – High Efficiency gene silencing with siHE small interfering RNA

Spotlight on siRNA as the most commonly used RNAi tool for gene expression/function studies

metabion has been offering synthetic RNA oligonucleotides for gene knockdown and knockout studies for many years. From ss shRNA and gRNA to dsRNA like siRNA our custom RNA synthesis service provides the entire „oligo equipment “for your respective gene editing/silencing „toolbox“.

With the introduction of our ready-to-use siHE siRNA - high efficiency siRNA, we want to put the spotlight on siRNA as the most commonly used RNA interference (RNAi) tool for inducing short-term silencing of protein coding genes.

metabion ready-to-use siHE siRNA shall speed-up the early phases of your studies on gene function including gene silencing, knockdown and knockout effects.

metabion ready-to-use siHE siRNA supports a fast and easy workflow with the major component of your RNA interference „toolbox“ being easily accessible at consistently high quality for meaningful and reliable results.

Product Specifications:

  • ready-to-use custom siHE siRNA
  • Two defined delivered quantities: 20 nmol or 40 nmol
  • Sequence lengths from 17 to 27 bases
  • With or without 3´DNA dinucleotide overhang
  • HPLC purified with a guarantieed purity of >/= 85%
  • QCed by MALDI-TOF Mass-Check
  • Shipped dry in a 2ml screw cap tubes. 1ml of siHE siRNA dilution buffer (100 mM KCl, 1 mM MgCl2,30 mM HEPES - pH 7.3) is provided free of charge with any order for your convenience
  • TAT 6-8 working days (does not include freight forwarders delivery time to final destination)
  • Limited but meaningful selection of 5´ and 3´ modifications

* Prices may vary when order is different to the above examples.

Order your siHE siRNA now!

siHE siRNA "Classic" design

FAQ – you ask, we answer


There are two ways of ordering:

  1. The preferred way is order transmission through our Web Order Portal for most convenient online shopping (please refer here for further details).
  2. You can order by sending us an e-mail at with our pre-formatted excel order file as attachment. Download respective Order Form.

When you write your e-mail, please make sure to include the following required information in the excel template:

  1. Name of the siRNA/s.
  2. Sequence of the siRNA/s in 5’-3’ orientation.
  3. Yield range.
  4. Purification required.
  5. Delivery form (dry).
  6. Modifications.

If you are a new customer, please additionally provide us with:

  1. Your shipping and billing address.
  2. Any other information like Purchase Order number, VAT number (VAT only for customers resident in the EU), etc.

In case you choose to transmit orders via e-mail using your own format(s), we need to alert you that above mentioned information in bold print is obligatory for processing your order. Due to extra efforts necessary for individual order format transfer into our system, order processing will take longer as compared to preferred web orders and pre-formatted e-mails. Please note that only files updated to the latest excel/word version (e.g. .xlsx or .docx) are accepted.

How can you convert files to newer formats?
Open the file in a recent Office program and save the file in a newer format. For this go to “File” → “Save as” and choose the newer format from the “Save as type” dropdown menu.

If you want to connect your eProcurement System with our Web Order Portal (e.g. OCI - Open Catalog Interface), please simply contact our Customer Service (


You may want to consider the following:


The expected average in-house turnover time for siHE siRNAs is 6–8 working days. Please note that we perform strict quality controls on each and every oligo. In case one or more oligos do not pass our quality control, they will need to be resynthesized. This may, of course, result in a delay.

In terms of "counting" working days, orders placed past 15:00 (Munich time) are considered to be next day's order.


siHE siRNAs are provided as dried pellets and shipped at ambient temperature. While being stable at room temperature for 2–4 weeks, they should be placed at –20 °C or at lower temperature upon receipt.


The label on the siHE siRNA tube shows basic information like oligo name, name of person who placed the order, siRNA sequence including modifications, oligo ID, amount of RNA (OD260 and nmol), Tm, and molecular weight.

In addition, you will receive a technical data sheet containing more detailed information on the physical-chemical properties of the oligo, such as base composition, base count, purification grade, amount of RNA in nmol, Tm and molecular weight. Additionally, you will also receive a hard copy of the Mass-Check documentation/spectrum of each single strand. The following terminology is used for differentiating between offered QC options including respective documentation coverage in our order forms and on supporting documents delivered with the products:

Mass Check
Standard quality control performed on each and every oligo. Either MALDI- or ESI-ToF, subject to the "nature of the oligo", and metabion internal procedures. This service is free of charge and the Mass Check spectrum will be provided.

Explicitly ordered and performed MALDI-ToF check. Product delivered with MALDI-ToF spectra. Additional charges apply.

Explicitly ordered and performed ESI-ToF check. Product delivered with ESI-ToF spectra. Additional charges apply.


  • Enhanced efficiency in gene silencing compared to standard siRNAs:
    • Meticulously designed and synthesized to target specific genes with unparalleled accuracy;
    • Ensures precise and highly efficient gene silencing;
    • Allows researchers to dissect complex biological pathways with ease.
  • Custom options to meet specific research needs.
  • Rigorous quality control measures ensure purity and efficacy.